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About Us

Together we can make a difference

Empereal was founded to enable rapidly growing economies to manage their most critical infrastructure challenge: the growing gap between demand and supply in energy and fresh water. Our services are designed to be innovative, reliable and cost-effective, thereby enabling our clients to meet their growing requirements in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

Empereal Energy and Services is focused on renewable energy and water desalination. Empereal, along with its joint venture partners, have been deeply involved in the research and development, design and fabrication, and testing of solar thermal, employing Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) concepts and solar photovoltaic since 2008. Our solutions expertise allow us to design, build and operate innovative and reliable renewable energy and solar desalination plants in rapidly growing economies.

Empereal aims to create a deep social impact that will improve the quality of life for rural communities. We are committed to providing technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of industries and enhance the health and standard of living of communities.

Our Vision

Empereal Energy and Services aims to become the provider of choice for renewable energy and desalinated water in rapidly growing economies. Within five years, Empereal plans to meet the energy needs of over one million people and the pure water needs of over four million people.

Our Mission

Empereal aims to empower communities through access to clean energy and pure water delivered via indigenous cost-effective technologies. Empereal contributes to social projects that improve the quality of life for rural communities.

Our Technology Difference

Natural Resources Defence Is Our Philosophy

Concentrating solar thermal technologies are effective means of collecting solar energy. They use reflectors to focus the sun's heat onto elevated receivers, which consist of a system of tubes through which water flows. The concentrated sunlight heats the water in the absorber tubes, generating high-pressure steam for direct use in power generation and industrial steam applications.

In 2008, in partnership with KGDS, Empereal-KGDS designed, developed, and implemented a Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) system of direct steam generation. Our solar thermal research facility was India's largest at the time. Since then, we have had multiple commercial installations of LFR based power and water desalination systems.

Engineering excellence, commitment to quality at every step and superior implementation experience differentiate us in the areas of renewable energy and solar desalination.

Why Choose Us

An optimal solution to tackle the growing fresh water deficiency around the world.

Hybrid solutions involving solar thermal and solar PV, along with storage, provides highly versatile renewable energy solutions.

In-depth experience of designing, implementing and operating innovative and reliable solutions in various geographies.

Empower communities through access to clean energy and pure water delivered via cost-effective technologies.