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Solar Thermal Power

Thermal Power

Empereal produces continuously available power from renewable energy sources in an economically sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The combination of patented and award-winning Concentrating Solar Thermal technology and Biomass-based power generation provides base load power from renewable energy sources.

India and the Middle East has an abundance of solar radiation. Empereal Solar Power solutions are ideally suited to help utilities, institutions, and large power consumers meet their power demands in the most cost-effective manner.

Empereal Linear Fresnel based Solar Thermal solutions can be implemented as a standalone, with our solar thermal storage, or as an integrated solution with Biomass and other fossil fuels.


We develop efficient, robust and durable linear Fresnel reflectors, receivers and control systems. Our systems can be built at a lower cost, and with simpler construction and lower land requirements than other solar thermal technologies. Coupled with thermal storage, our Linear Fresnel systems can provide reliable, on demand energy availability.


Empereal aims to empower communities through access to clean energy and pure water delivered via indigenous cost-effective technologies. Empereal wants to contribute to social projects that improve the quality of life for rural communities. We are committed to providing appropriate technologies that enhance the health and standard of living of these communities.


Empereal Energy and Services aims to become the provider of choice for renewable energy and desalinated water in rapidly growing economies. Within five years, Empereal plans to meet the energy needs of over one million people and the pure water needs of over four million people.

Empower communities through access to clean energy and pure water delivered via cost-effective technologies.