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Water Desalination

Water Desalination Process

Water is fundamental to sustaining life. The rapid rise in global population and increased usage of water for agricultural and industrial needs is putting immense pressure on this scarce but vital resource. Desalination from sea water and brackish water is one of the most relevant solutions to providing the fresh water requirements. Empereal meets the energy requirements of desalination in a most cost-effective manner, supplying ultra-pure water through thermal desalination. Our water solutions provide ultra-pure water for use by coastal communities, specialized industries, and high-quality water bottling plants.

From solar thermal and biomass hybrid solutions for sea water desalination at Narippeyur village in Tamil Nadu, to Flue gas desalination in Simhadri, Andhra Pradesh, to solar/MED desalination in Vallur, Tamil Nadu, Empereal-KGDS has implemented several innovative, reliable and highly cost-effective renewable energy based water desalination solutions. These innovative technologies have benefitted coastal communities, industrial water recycling initiatives, and have helped reduce the carbon footprint of various sectors.

Empereal, and its strategic alliance partner, Trevi systems of California, USA, is focused on promoting solar driven forward osmosis solutions to further enhance the options available for treatment of various types of water.


Empereal aims to empower communities through access to clean energy and pure water delivered via indigenous cost-effective technologies. Empereal wants to contribute to social projects that improve the quality of life for rural communities. We are committed to providing appropriate technologies that enhance the health and standard of living of these communities.


Empereal Energy and Services aims to become the provider of choice for renewable energy and desalinated water in rapidly growing economies. Within five years, Empereal plans to meet the energy needs of over one million people and the pure water needs of over four million people.

Empower communities through access to clean energy and pure water delivered via cost-effective technologies.