Empereal Energy

Together we can make a difference

Empereal was founded to enable rapidly growing economies to manage their most critical infrastructure challenge: the growing gap between demand and supply in energy and fresh water. Our services are designed to be innovative and reliable, thereby enabling our clients to meet their growing requirements in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

Since 2008, Empereal, along with its partners, have been deeply involved in the development, fabrication and testing of solar powered solutions across the globe. We aim to create a deep social impact that will improve the quality of life and sustainability of industrial, commercial and rural communities. Our expertise allows us to design, build and operate innovative and reliable renewable energy projects to match any mix of requirements.

Headquartered in Singapore, Empereal maintains operations and projects in India, the Middle East and the U.S.A.


Empereal Energy and Services aims to become the provider of choice for renewable energy and desalinated water in growing economies. Our solutions should contribute to significant reductions in the environmental footprint and improve the sustainability of industries and commercial establishments.


Empereal seeks to empower communities through the provision of clean energy and pure water, via innovative and cost-effective technologies. With a track record spanning over 13years and multiple regions, Empereal contributes to social projects that improve the quality of life for industrial, commercial and rural communities.

Why Choose Us?


Solar Energy For All

Research, design, fabrication and implementation of both solar PV and solar thermal systems to meet all efficiency, architectural aesthetics and ROI requirements


Meeting The Water Needs

An optimal and sustainable solution to tackle growing fresh-water deficiencies around the world


Reduced Carbon Footprint

We provide highly versatile renewable energy systems for any situation


Engineering Excellence

Our workforce’s experience and focus on quality & reliability is our real strength


Our Experience

Over 13 years of successful track record in implementing innovative, reliable and award-winning solutions

Our Team

Executive Team

Empereal’s executive team has over three decades of combined experience in providing solar power solutions, with a proven track record spanning many regions.

Arun Subramony

Founder Director

Manoj Divakaran

Founder Director

Munjal Rangwala


Strategic Advisory Board

“Empereal’s advisory board comprises of some of the brightest, most accomplished individuals from all walks of life. Their collective experience and advice have helped elevate Empereal into one of the leading providers of clean energy solutions