21.4 MWp Charanka Solar Park

As a part of the Gujarat Solar Mission, the state announced capacity of over 900 MW at the Solar Park developed at Charanka. Harsha Abakus Solar Private Limited (HASPL) was successful in securing two projects of 10 MW each from Gujarat State Electric Company Limited (GSECL) and Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL).

The plant consists of polycrystalline solar modules of a total capacity of 10.7MWp (each). Seasonal tilting structure has been deployed with a south-facing slope angle of approximately

Both projects were commissioned in January 2015 in a record period of 6 months. These plants are with a very high CUF (Capacity Utilization Factor) till date and is a result of our state-of-the- art execution, regular operation and maintenance by our experienced  team O & M Team