Published on April 2017

Interview with GWI

Our very own managing director, Manoj Divakaran, was interviewed by the GWI (Global Water Intelligence) magazine for their piece on solar desalination titled “Renewing desalination’s licence to operate”. Speaking on the topic of CSP (concentrated solar power), Manoj detailed the advantages of solar thermal solutions, including its potential to provide 24/7 clean energy when paired with a thermal storage system, which solar PV (photovoltaic) systems are unable to guarantee.

Moving on to the topic of solar desalination, Manoj shared his excitement on current developments in the field, stating that “it is extremely promising to couple solar energy with a forward osmosis (FO) system, because the promise of more energy efficiency is very high in FO.”

Empereal is currently teaming up with Trevi systems to undertake a pilot solar desalination project in
Tamil Nadu, India.