Published on 20 January 2022

Empereal won the C&I Project of the year award

Empereal is pleased and honoured to announce that we won the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) award for the Commercial and Industrial Project of the year award for Building integrated Architectural Solar for the EXPO 2020. Thematic Districts, Al Wasl Plaza buildings, UAE Pavilion, French Pavilion, Talabat Kitchen complex and IRIS Lounge buildings. The buildings involved highly complex design to meet architectural specifications and intent. Multi color solar panels ( example white color solar panels for the UAE Pavilion) had to be developed and complex structural design was undertaken using parametric design methods and Finite Element Analysis to achieve the architectural, structural, and regulatory requirements. Extensive material testing were conducted to obtain the regulatory approvals for the above projects. The projects stretch the boundaries of solar integration in buildings and promote the use of Solar PV as a building material. Further it accelerates Empereal’s vision of “the entire outer skin of buildings becoming active and energy generating for a net-zero future”.

1) UAE Pavilion – Parametric design for curved 3D wings of the Falcon Shaped building; White color solar panels to achieve architectural intent; Glass cold forming techniques to achieve the perfect curvatures for the iconic pavilion of the UAE conceptualized by the architect – Santiago Calatrava.

 2) Al Wasl Plaza buildings – Complex design and installation for cantilevered roofs to achieve the Leed Platinum certification for the three tower buildings. Highly complex structure design and installation methods were developed to ensure the curved nature of the solar roofs, Podium integrated solar and the custom designed welcome canopies of the buildings. 

3) French Pavilion – A Solar PV system inspired by a painting by Claude Monet – Water Lillies and `Clouds – has been implemented as a mosaic using Solar modules to create a feeling as if the painting has been draped over the roof and facade of the building. Complex structure design and installation methods were used to achieve the precision required to recreate the painting and the effects required by the architect. Various tests were conducted to achieve the Dubai Civil Defence and regulatory approvals.

4) Restaurant complexes – Bifacial Solar PV panels are used in a very innovative design to build building canopies, Balconey balustrades and facade integration for using solar as a building material. Dubai Civil Defence and regulatory approvals were obtained using innovative testing and certification methods.

5) Thematic District pavilions – 33 buildings were converted to LEED Gold certified buildings using architecturally aesthetic elevated structures which provide solar PV installations in a fully integrated and aesthetic manner.