Published on August 2015

Solar Thermal Power Sector Paper 

Dr S P Viswanathan, a member of our executive team, highlights the advantages of CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) in his published paper titled “Solar Thermal Power Sector”. Through descriptions of the four main CSP technologies, including parabolic troughs, Linear
Fresnel systems, Dish-Stirling systems and solar towers, Dr Viswanathan details the current state of the CSP industry, covering both existing and potential projects across the globe.

Moving on to the CSP sector in India, Dr Viswanathan cites the abundance of sun, as shown by the high solar irradiance in India, as one of many factors which contribute to the massive potential for solar energy production in the country. In his own words, “if this energy is harnessed efficiently, it can easily reduce our energy deficit scenario and that too with no carbon dioxide emission.” As a member of the Empereal-KGDS executive team, Dr Viswanathan has invaluable insight into the current innovations in the solar thermal industry, which he shares in this paper published by the Indian National Science Academy.