Published on January 2012

Technology Review India’s Article of Empereal-KGDS’s Solar Thermal Desalination Model

Technology Review India’s article on desalinated potable water covers the solar thermal desalination model developed by KGDS. With drinking water demand in all coastal cities growing four-fold between 2008 and 2012, the need for solar desalination has risen, especially for coastal cities were the groundwater is saline and thus not potable.

Using their research center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, KGDS have developed a solar thermal desalination model which can aid in the challenge to meet growing water demands. As cited in the article, KGDS developed an indigenous method of CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) through the use of LFR (Linear Fresnel Reflectors). With a solar collection field consisting of 1404 square meters of solar mirrors, the field collects 480 kilowatts of heat energy and produces 640 kilograms of steam per hour. Thus, this field is able to produce a peak output of 6000 liters per hour of desalinated water. As explained in the article, this system can meet the vital potable water requirements, especially for small, rural communities.