Published on Jan 2014

The New Indian Express Article on an Interview with Manoj Divakaran

The article written by Kaviya Sanjeevi, titled “We Need to Stress on Awareness, Feels Divakaran,” covers an interview provided by Manoj Divakaran, Founder Director of Empereal, while he was at the Great Lakes Global Energy Management Program.

Commenting on the desalination project in Ramanathapuram, Manoj says that “we produce 150,000 litres of ultra-pure water per day, which can meet the requirements of the village of 7,500 people. This solution is the first of its kind in many respects and won us the FICCI/HSBC award for 2013,”.

Moving onto Empereal’s future plans, Manoj says that “there is a growing realization on the need to save water resources for our survival and growth. Across the years, efforts have been undertaken to promote water conservation. The challenge, however, remains in identifying 
such efforts, which we are bound to find across various sectors in the country and disseminating them for wider replication and increasing awareness. Empereal is focused on achieving its vision by developing and implementing renewable energy solutions. Primary markets are India and the Middle East, which have a growing need for power and water.”