Published on 07 December 2021

UAE’s stunning Expo pavilion is topped by ‘falcon wings’

(CNN) — Sitting at the heart of the World Expo site in Dubai, the pavilion of host country the United Arab Emirates (UAE) sports one of the most attention-grabbing designs at an event that is packed with architectural marvels.
The four-story structure is covered with 28 carbon fiber wings that can fully open in about three minutes to reveal built-in solar panels. When not in use, the panels remain protected from the elements, including the region’s powerful sandstorms.

“The conceptual framework was based on inspiration from the grace and force of a falcon, the UAE’s national bird,” says celebrated Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava, who designed the pavilion. The wings can position themselves between 110 and 125 degrees, to better absorb sunlight, and the electricity they produce is sent to the main power grid.

Due to the wings’ large size and weight, they open using the power from up to three hydraulic cylinders, which must be accurately synchronized to avoid uneven movements that could crack the structure of the wing itself. Calatrava says that this aspect of the roof’s engineering required close attention. 

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