Published on Sep 2019

Performance Improvement of 125 MW CSP Solar Thermal Power Plant of Reliance Power, Dhursar, Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan Sun Technique Energy Private Limited (RSTEPL), a subsidiary of Reliance Power Limited, had installed a 125 MW CSP solar thermal power plant at Dhursar, Rajasthan, India based on the CLFR (Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector) technology. This plant has been in commercial operation since November 2014. M/s AREVA Solar was the CLFR technology provider of this plant.

After erection, testing, commissioning and commercial operation, the plant faced technical and 
operational challenges related to LFR components and control systems for smooth operations and target energy generation. Reliance Power engaged various consultants but did not achieve the expected improvement in energy generation. Thus, Empereal-KGDS Renewable Energy Private Limited was engaged as a third-party technology consultant to improve the performance and achieve reliable operation.

After implementing the new control philosophy in all 35 SSGs, there has been a significant improvement in synchronization time and electricity production. It took extensive scientific and technical analyses, discussions, understanding, as well as constructive and constant exchanges of ideas between Reliance Power Limited and Empereal-KGDS to produce these outstanding results. The design and execution of control system logic are very important to ensure successful performance and operation of an LFR based CSP plant.